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help, ender 3 pro stringing and gaps between top lines.

21 nov. 2019, 17:13

Hello. i have an ender 3 pro for 5 months now and i use it very often. From upgrades i have only glass bed and mk8 aluminium extruder.

So here is my situation.

my first layer is perfect but later there are gaps between lines of infill at 100 %. I dont know does 100% infill fill all the way. I dont have digital calipers to calibrate the flow.

I dont know is there a way to manually set distance between lines? FetLife vshare

SECOND THING: stringing.

I noticed only at the beginning and the end it produces a little more amount than necessary.

On this print it is only in one line. for 3 of 5 spiral poles there is nothing but for two there is always extra material oozing and stringing.

i tried to print eiffel tower but there is just too much starts and stops.

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