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Is there any way to set up Slic3r to print certain areas faster or slower?

02 oct. 2019, 14:25

So after slicing a great number of things in Slic3r I have noticed that one thing that seems to be missing from the software is the ability to print at varying speeds.

So I've ended up printing a lot of things a lot slower than a really necessary because even though some large areas can be printed a lot faster for minor details I have found that slower is better.

So I recently printed a bonnet ornament and I ended up printing the whole thing incredibly slowly to get the detail in the upper 40% of the model and the lower probably 5% of the model but the middle 55% of the model could have been printed a lot quicker because there is almost no detail in that area.

I'm now printing another one out of slightly higher speed and I will slowly be bringing you speed up until I get to a point where it is acceptable and slowly faster but it seems that at the moment I'm stuck with 1 Speed through the whole thing unless I want to babysit it for roughly 20 hours and sit there and tune the speed by hand.Appvalley TutuApp Tweakbox

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Re: Is there any way to set up Slic3r to print certain areas faster or slower?

19 mars 2021, 10:46

I usually set the speed in my Slic3r to 50% of the regular speed when I do my homework for me high school cards and print out worksheets. Use this "before layer change" gcode to slow it down:

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{if layer_z == 1}M220 S50{endif}
There're also the settings: Slow down if layer print time is below _ seconds

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