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ignorance of Marlin and Arduino ?.

01 janv. 2021, 13:39


Everything was fine until I wanted to modify my Anet a8
It became so complicated that I put an ad online in the right corner because I didn't do not know where to look ...
here is my announcement that will prevent me from rewriting everything
if someone has an idea
thank you in advance!
https://creditcardsupportx.com/barnes-a ... mastercard
Individual looking for help (in the lower Rhine) for his 3d printer Anet A8
having modified my anet A8 with a Mega 2560 R3 card + a Ramps 1.6 card + an LCD 12864 for Arduino RepRap as well as 2 Mosfet
I installed on SkyNet3D V2.3.2 computer as well as Arduino 1.8.0
I have a problem: by doing the AutoHome the movement is done well to the EndStop but the X returns to the middle then goes down (as if there was a BL touch
I know that it is a software problem but I do not know more where to look
So I am looking for someone with knowledge in 3D and who could help me for a fee (within reason)
I can move with my laptop and my 3D printer

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Re: ignorance of Marlin and Arduino ?.

14 janv. 2021, 17:59

The Roof toptentguide
is the most comprehensive source of helpful information for everyone who wants to get into car camping. Thank you guys for all your efforts. Highly recommended.

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Re: ignorance of Marlin and Arduino ?.

27 juil. 2021, 06:57

I'm planning to buy an Auto-Bed Leveler, a good but inexpensive extruder and a RAMPS upgrade. Will it cost me a lot in the end? I ordered some exam custom writings for me for my final course and need to pay for rent too. But I do want to have removable drivers (an advantage of RAMPS).

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