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Duet 2 wifi switching from v2.2 bl touch to v3.0 bl touch

14 nov. 2019, 13:22

hoping some one can help me. I am using a bl touch probe v2.2 (cut connection to make 3.3v logic) on my duet 2 wifi v1.4 worked fine but broke the plastic probe. ordered a new bl touch v3.0 smart did not change wiring because I was under the impression that it would send 3.3 v instead of 5v is this true? I think it cooked duet 2 wifi as now when trying to use probe I get "Error: Z probe already triggered at start of probing move". If i did cook the pin is there a fix for this? Anyone know what I'm doing wrong between the two versions of the BL touch? any input is appreciated thank youfedloan easybib

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