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Advice for someone brand new to 3D printing.

23 août 2019, 21:43

Hello everyone,,
I’m not quite sure if this is the right subreddit to post something like this, but I’d like to introduce myself, give some background about what I’m interested in doing with the 3D printer I’m waiting on to arrive, and see if I can get some advice and resources to study up on in the meantime while I wait that can help me get a great start to 3D printing once my printer is shipped. The intro is a little lengthy since I wanted to get as much accurate feedback as possible, but I’ll put a TLDR; of the TLDR at the end.

I’ve always been interested in 3D printing ever since it was new technology, and even more so as it became more and more accessible for everyday personal users. However, due to lack of money to invest in even the most basic of printers as well as lack of confidence in myself in learning how to use one, and design 3D models with software, I’ve never taken the plunge until now. I spent some time reading the mega thread giving out advice to all the new people planning on purchasing a printer, thought of all my factors that play into what I should get, and made my choice.

I could type out a whole long narrative for my reasons I want one, but the TLDR is essentially this : Highly practical, I love the technology and possibilities, great for making reverse phone lookupnba reddit pcpartpicker
personalized gifts or anything you can think of really, and the main two reasons - great to go along with my fiancée’s crafting, and I’ve recently started playing D&D with an amazing group of people who’ve been amazing friends to me and my fiancée even though we haven’t known them that long, and I want to wow and surprise them by being able to design and print out various things like character models, monster miniatures, weapons, terrain, etc.

The main thing I will be printing most often will definitely be the D&D related things. Miniatures, environment, and tiles for maps.

After doing my research and factoring things out based on different facts like I’m not planning on needing to make anything especially large, I have very nosey cats that I’m worried will get into the printer while it’s running and burn themselves, I live in a small apartment that doesn’t hide noise too well, etc. I decided I needed something that’s -relatively- compact and quiet, and easy to fit somewhere and block off so the cats don’t get hurt, and is beginner friendly, I decided to start with the FlashForge Finder. Originally it was a toss-up between that and the Adventurer3, and I almost went with the advent due to the enclosed printing area being much safer from my cats, but changed my mind after reading around about it and seeing hardly any information about it since it’s a relatively new printer, while the finder has been around for a while, plenty of community and feedback to learn from, etc.

Now, for my questions!

Do you think I made the right choice with my starting printer? If not, why? Is there one you think would’ve been a much better choice for what I need?

Does anyone have some great advice for using the Finder, maybe things you wish you knew when you got it and learned by trial and error? Or better yet, some sort of resource that has plenty of wonderful tips and tricks for people new to 3D printing? A forum or subreddit or a particularly awesome youtuber or anything?

I’ve been collecting a LOT of models people have posted on Thingiverse that way I have plenty to print when my printer arrives, is there anything I should be aware of before I try printing off various models and such that I’ve saved the files for? Do you have any particularly fantastic models that you love that you would recommend? Should I stick to FlashForge brand filament?

Is there anything about the FlashForge Finder I should particularly be aware of or watch out for? Do you have any recommendations to “mod” it for improved performance/safety?

Did you know you’re an awesome individual for taking the time to read all that, and remain (most likely less than before) patient? Even more so if you take the time to give any sort of response whether it’s good or bad! Thank you!

TLDR; New to 3D printing, waiting for FlashForge Finder to come in mail, using it for smaller scale stuff, especially D&D miniatures and tiles/etc.

Refer to questions 1-5.

-I apologize if this was posted to the wrong place, if it was, would someone mind pointing me in the right direction?-

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Re: Advice for someone brand new to 3D printing.

05 avr. 2021, 08:06

SLA is the best printer for miniatures. Guys from my work use Ender 3 and they are pleased with it too. And I'm using Cura for a slicer. But you could also try Slic3r or Simplify3d with a free essaytyper for a 3d design college. There's a 3D subtalk on reddit: r/PrintedMinis

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Re: Advice for someone brand new to 3D printing.

28 mai 2021, 11:41

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