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Need help for a choice

06 oct. 2019, 00:12

Hello everyone,,

So here it is two weeks ago I acquired a 3d cube 2nd generation I find its great so here I am planning to change because it is quite limited.

I have a budget of about 700 or 800 euro
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What I recommend you I will like quite specific objects.

The editing is it difficult? I flashed on the PRUSA I3 and velleman k8400 which is the best?

Thank you all

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Nouveau Maker
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Re: Need help for a choice

09 avr. 2020, 06:44

I will recommend you to go with the best one either it will take you 800 euro for that , atleast that should be able to print Netflix Premium Mod pictures on the colorful and gives you the best feel , Tricksgeek.

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